Thermal Transfer Labels

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What Are Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal Transfer Labels require ribbons to transfer the information from the printer on to the print surface, a Thermal Transfer Label. Thermal transfer ribbon types will vary based on the material being printed on. Wax and resin ribbons are the most common ribbon type, and get applied to the thermal transfer label stock by a heated print head as both the label stock and ribbon pass thru the printer simultaneously. This is a favorite print method for industrial applications.

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Thermal Transfer Labels

Require Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons serve as the “ink” in the thermal transfer print process. Different ribbons are required for different materials. Label stock material type, ribbon type and printer compatibility is crucial to obtain the maximum quality and results of your final printed product. Inability to select the correct ribbon type for your material will result in degradation in overall print quality that could lead to an inability to scan barcodes, or even read fine printed text. The key here is to get the best possible results in edge definition.

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Not sure if Thermal Transfer Labels are the right label for you?

Direct Thermal Labels May Be What You’re Looking For. But What’s The Difference?


Thermal Transfer vs Direct Thermal

Both label types have their pros and cons, and each serves their specific intended purpose. Thermal Transfer labels tend to stand up to wear and tear and scratching; whereas Direct Thermal labels don’t require a ribbon, causing overall printing costs to stay relatively low in comparison. These are broad comparisons, and results will vary based upon final material selections and usage preferences, but serve as a good starting point to think about when deciding which label type is best for you.


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